The MU Skulls are a group of like minded
people with a desire to run entertaining and
creative roleplaying games. We specialize in
horror roleplaying but very much enjoy a
wide variety of games.
Gen Con 2008                Page 3
Memento Mori!
The Skulls on their down time. People ask us what we do when we're not running games, thinking, "maybe these
people could be cool?" Here are a few pictures of the MU Skulls staff between gaming gigs to dispel that thought.
Down Time
We hang with celebrities.
Uncanny likeness.
I loved him in Little House...

Certainly one of the great
Fantasy/ Sci-Fi actors of our

Please note how excited the Con
staff is to be with our guest. Or
is it the unpleasant residual
effects of a contact high?
Rosie is always stopped, questioned, and then
threatened by "The Authorities."
Frank shoots the double barrel "Hey Guy!" salute every chance he gets.
Chris wanders the streets at night pan-handling.
Or worse.
David, uhhh... Never mind.
Marc plots with his evil friends in an
Evil Cabal to take over the world....

Approach at your own risk!