The MU Skulls are a group of like minded
people with a desire to run entertaining and
creative roleplaying games. We specialize in
horror roleplaying but very much enjoy a
wide variety of games.
President Frank Rusvik D. Arch.
Memento Mori!
1. "This beer tastes better then the last one!"
2. "Do you smell fried food? Nevermind it's probably me."
3. "I'm the REAL Slim Shady."
4. "If you think I suck now, just wait!"
5. "I once rode Gary's scooter for $5"
Top Five Things Overheard At A Con
1. Call of Cthulhu
2. Star Wars: Edge of the Empire
3. Wrath & Glory
4. The One Ring
5. Deadlands 2nd
Top Five Favorite RPG Games
1. Warlock Imperial Stout
1. Blaecorn Unidragon
1. Dragon's Milk
1. Dirty Bastard
1. Two Hearted Ale
Top Five Favorite Beers
1. War of the Ring
2. Twilight Struggle
3. Mansions of Madness
4. Alchemists
5. Dead of Winter
Top Five Favorite Board Games