Gen Con 2007: A President's Perspective: Page 2
By Saturday night I was ready to relax a bit and just as I was taking the final two steps to
put my game gear away, I somehow twisted my knee on the carpet and could then hardly
walk. I limped my way to the agreed upon dining place cursing the entire way. It was the
fact that I had to stand up and lean over the table to hear and make myself heard that
strained my knee in the first place, but it only had to go a few more hours!
Here I am at dinner on
Friday night, desperately
attempting to prevent my
head from being crushed.
Like I hadn't worked hard
enough already.

And they almost killed
Saturday afternoon I had this
expression on my face most
of the time as I entertained
some of the most challenging
players I've ever had.

This is me trying to wrap my
mind around their decision to
strike the altar with their
swords and then jump into the
swirling vortex that they just
saw a gigantic demonic
creature emerge from.
From worst to best! My Saturday
night game included the guys from
Bicycle Games, The Kentucky
Fried Gamers, and Gary McCabe
of Goodman Games. It's groups
like this that make me go to Gen
They are great role players, they
are also great at advancing the
plot and they're also just a fun
group of guys.

I very much hope to see them all
next year!
Mike in action as the
Mean Old Bastard!
David in action killing
a young player!
Mike sums up his game. In
case you wondered, we
discuss players and groups
just like players discuss
GMs and their games.
All that is preventing me from a relaxing Friday night dinner are these guys....
Enter at your own risk. Loss of sanity likely.